Canyonlands Wrap Bracelet


Gypsy Ribbon’s CANYONLANDS Wrap Bracelet





The jewelry set draws deep inspiration from the breathtaking landscape of Canyonlands National Park, capturing its essence through thoughtful design and material choice.

The centerpiece is an artistic homage to Angel Arch, the largest natural arch in the park. This element embodies the grandeur and natural beauty of the arch, setting the tone for the entire set.

Chocolate Rhodochrosite is selected for its rich, earthy tones that mirror the natural rock formations within the park. The stones are purposefully chosen in shapes that echo Molar Rock, enhancing the thematic continuity and grounding the piece in its geological inspiration.

The braided, woven leather strand pays tribute to The Maze District, one of the most intricate and visually striking areas of Canyonlands. The weaving technique and texture reflect the complex topography of the park, integrating a tactile representation of its rugged landscape.


With the interchangeable snap feature, this wrap bracelet gives you 10 style options- It is like 10 pieces of jewelry in one!



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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

Made by Creative Computer