More Behind the Scenes

I had so much fun giving y’all a peek behind the scenes of a photo shoot, I wanted to pull the curtain back even further. What you usually see on social media doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. Most of the time we post what we want people to know and like and love about us. Our flaws? Not so much. I get it. The internet isn’t always the best place for vulnerability, but it can be refreshing to see that REAL life is messy and imperfect and sometimes chaotic.

For example…my work space.

Here’s my ideal. The picture I posted on social media..

And here is the reality of MOST days…

Organized chaos. Kind of stresses me out to actually look at that!! Haha!

You wouldn’t know from looking, but everything does have a home. Being a wife and mom with a home studio, running every aspect of a small business, trying to create — this is the reality. Start stop, start stop. If I cleaned up after every stop I would only have time to get it all back out only to clean it up again! Creatively I have to regroup at times, clean up and start again, but it doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should. I just push my half finished projects up on my work table to create the urgent pressing pieces!

One thing I do love

Working from home creates great opportunities for community. I love having visitors drop by who want to help 🙂 and chat and drink coffee. And every now and then, in peak season, all the family gets involved.  






I do love my job.

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